Dr. Kaleb Thompson


Dr. Kaleb Thompson grew up in Alpine the son of a Janitor and a stay at home mom. When it came to dental needs his family never had enough to cover the costs. When he was 12 he took a softball to the teeth, knocking one of his teeth back and sending him into the worst pain he had ever felt. Thanks to the goodness of the local dentist, Kaleb was able to get out of pain and heal up, but the tooth turned black and was an eyesore. These dental needs could not be covered by his family, so the good dentist offered to let him and his family clean his office everyday for the next year to cover the costs. Kaleb saw what this dentist did for him and his family, and the confidence he gained after getting a crown to fix the black tooth, he knew that is what he wanted to do. He wanted to give back to others and make an impact in the communities he serves.

Dr. Thompson has a passion for dentistry and providing the most state of the art services, backed by the latest in research. He is now the owner of several dental offices between North Carolina and Utah, who have taken on this same mantra of serving the people. He and other doctors he works with do yearly mission trips to a country with people in need.

He is married to Kjiera and they are raising two amazing boys ages 12 and 10. They have a love for the great outdoors, all kinds of sports, gardening and raising a mini farm in American Fork Utah. In their free time they love to travel and explore the worlds of other cultures and people, they enjoy integrating new and uplifting paradigms into their family, which enriches their lives and those around them.

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