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Dental Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration

Some of our patients in Salt Lake City or Layton require a full-mouth restoration, meaning work is done on all the remaining teeth in the mouth; if there are none, we make a plan to replace the teeth. The dentists at Creek Dental offer you options for a full-mouth restoration.

The reasons patients may need a full-mouth restoration are many. Often the cause is pathological, including gum disease or progressive decay. Regardless, when patients come to our dental office in Salt Lake City or Layton seeking a solution for multiple missing teeth, we start with a full examination and assessment.

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Evaluating the Remaining Teeth

man in dentist chairIf many teeth are missing, we attempt to determine the cause for this, then evaluate the health of the remaining teeth. If the remaining teeth are healthy enough to be saved, we next establish whether these teeth need work, and if so, what kind. They may be cracked, loose, only minimally decayed, or be suffering the effects of another issue.

If these teeth can be saved, our dentists can use them as anchors to create bridges for a full-mouth restoration. Or, we can accomplish a similar result with the use of partial dentures.


Finding a Solution

older woman smilingWhether patients have some or no remaining teeth, the best option for replacing them is dental implants. Dental implants are preferred over dentures and bridges because they are literally implanted into your jaw, and they act just as a real tooth does.

Unlike with a single dental implant, when you need a full-mouth restoration, a post is not implanted into the jaw for each tooth. Instead, a certain number of posts are implanted and serve to anchor several teeth each.

Dental implants are better because since they are implanted into your jaw, and no food gets trapped between your teeth and gums the way it can with a bridge or possibly even dentures. But more importantly, an implanted tooth keeps your jaw healthy. Bridges and dentures do nothing to stop the jaw from atrophying. Implants, on the other hand, trick the jaw into thinking it is still supporting teeth, and it remains strong.

However, our dentists know that not all our patients can afford a full-mouth restoration with implants, and for them we offer dentures. Removable dentures are attractive and functional and serve as a suitable replacement for missing teeth.


Full Mouth Reconstructions at Creek Dental

A full mouth restoration or reconstruction usually takes at least a few visits — more if you go the dental implant route. But coming into our office to begin the process is your first step. Once you have your restorations, not only will you look great again, but your health will improve as well. You will once again be able to eat a variety of nourishing foods without worry.

Call Creek Dental’s offices in Salt Lake City or Layton today to make your appointment for a full-mouth restoration.



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This was my first time as a patient at Creek Dental and what a beautiful office! The staff was amazing from when you are greeted at the front desk all the way through to X-ray, cleaning, and exam from the doctor. Props to everyone for making my experience at the dentist office a positive one!!

- Rob G.

Creek Dental is great! Great staff and great experience…everyone was knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional. I definitely would recommend Creek Dental. 5/5 – would get teeth cleaned here again

- Marshal L

The staff was amazing! The doctors and hygienist were compassionate, caring and thorough. They helped my daughter when she was feeling anxious and made her feel comfortable. Would 10/10 recommend!

- Ashley B.

They are friendly and they walk through the process with you. I’ve always hated going to the dentist but at this place it is a lot more comforting and a better experience all around. Thank you.

- Tracy C.

I am happy that I could find this dental office. The staff are amazing, the service is great. I took my mom there to get new dentures. Everyone did their job very quickly and professional. Thank you guys! I’d highly recommend to visit this dental office.

- Karine M.