How Do You Brush?

Jan 26 2021

There are about a million questions in this world that we don’t have answers to or come close to understanding. How often do you ask yourself or are asked questions you just don’t know the answer to? “Where will I be in 5 years?” “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” “What does last night’s dream mean?” “What do you want for dinner?” And of course, should I be using an electric or manual toothbrush?

Unfortunately, we do not have answers to these or lots of other questions, but luckily, we can answer your toothbrush questions!

Both an electric and manual toothbrush are effective at cleaning your teeth. Let’s break it down a little more…


Manual toothbrushes are a classic! They do not offer any fancy services, but they are effective and get the job done to clean your teeth and protect them from bacteria and prevent gingivitis.

You can get a manual toothbrush at basically any grocery store and you do not have to depend on batteries or a charger for your toothbrush to work.


Electric toothbrushes have bristles that rotate or pulsate to get deeper in between your teeth and better reach your gums. Generally, electric toothbrushes have been shown to remove more plaque and gingivitis.

Since electric toothbrushes are built to provide a thorough teeth brushing, they are programmed to use the correct pressure for your teeth and gums so you won’t break down the enamel or irritate your gums.

Electric toothbrushes can be easier to use if you have limited mobility, arthritis, and carpal tunnel. Since they are doing a lot of the cleaning power right in the head of the brush, there is less force needed to move the brush along your teeth.


While the decision is ultimately yours, we recommend an electric toothbrush! An electric toothbrush takes your dental hygiene over the edge and allows for a more thorough cleaning every time you brush. Traditional toothbrush effectiveness is based solely on the brusher and their dedication and effort.

And who doesn’t love having to do a little less work to get a brighter and healthier smile?

So, while we don’t have answers to every question you have, we do know a thing or two about how to help you find more confidence in your smile. So next time someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to, you can flash your smile and they’ll forget they ever asked!